The History of Twinning

The town twinning movement started very soon after 1945, with the passionate support of mayors and citizens who vowed that Europe should never again be torn apart by war.
Most of the twinnings were between towns from countries that had, till recently, been divided by war. The promotion of this new twinning movement was one of the main priorities of the Council of European Municipalities (as it then was) in 1951, and the 1950s saw a huge increase in the number and range of twinnings.
In 2002 we celebrated the silver Jubilee of the twinning with Bensheim in 1977. In that time, and since, there have been numerous exchanges between the two towns at every level.
One of the keys to a successful twinning is ensuring the towns share as many characteristics as possible. Amersham and Bensheim have similar demographics, geography, history and size.

The similarities between Amersham and Bensheim are readily apparent; Bensheim is an historic market town with timbered buildings dating back to 1395, whilst Amersham is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
Whilst the vineyards around Amersham are more limited than those around Bensheim, we are surrounded by the Chiltern Hills which resemble the wooded hills of the Odenwald. Both towns benefit from being close to a major city, excellent road and rail communications and superb schooling options and over the years there have been many exchanges between the young people of both communities.